The International Toothbrush Collection (ITC)
was started in 1981 by artist Maryly Snow, mostly as a joke, and a complement to the Weird Magazine Collection (since abandoned). After years of orthodontia and oral surgery, Snow began collecting toothbrushes for an art project, but when people started bringing her unusual toothbrushes, the collection took on a life of its own.

There are over 2,500 toothbrushes from all over the world. These have all been acquired through word of mouth (sic). This collection has not been advertised or promoted to the general public, until it's debut on the www in 2001.

Printed Information on the ITC:
"In the Lowly Toothbrush, A World of Invention" by Cathy Cockrell, Berkeleyan, May 8-June5, 2001 (vol. 29:34) p.1
"Single-mindedly Pursuing One Object: Collection of Eclectic Collections" by Michelle Quinn, San Jose Mercury News, Feb. 9, 1998
Article from California Monthly 9/95
Article from Oakland Tribune 6/10/94

Photographs of the ITC:
Most toothbrushes have been documented with individual photographs, and are viewable as part of their individual records. For photographs of the collection as a whole, whether stored or displayed, click here.